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Meet the Team

Natasha Mason Kennedy (British) - Owner and Director

Natasha has a background in Law (LLB) and Human Resources (Dip  HRM). She initially came to Madrid to be with her boyfriend and wondered what a girl should do in Spain when she doesn't speak Spanish - teach English of course! She taught business English extensively throughout the Madrid province from 2003. During that time she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of writing materials, teaching groups, conducting telephone classes, seminars and intensive courses targeted at the business community. 

Natasha became a TEFL trainer and  worked in various TEFL schools in Madrid before starting up Tt Madrid in 2005.

Whilst being a trainer on the course, Natasha is also very active within the teaching community in Madrid working on projects with the Ministry of Education and currently helping the  University of Alcalá to incorporate the TtMadrid TEFL course into their  Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education.

The love worked out and they got married, had a lovely baby and now live in the foothills of the mountains outside Madrid. Natasha is passionate about siestas and thinks anyone who doesn’t believe in them shouldn’t live in Spain.

Laura Brunwin (British) - Director of Studies

Laura fell in love with a Spaniard and deciding to put her plans to be a police officer on hold, came to see how things would work out in Spain.  5 years later she is still in love with Madrid (and the man!).  She completed the TtMadrid TEFL course in November 2008 and went on to teach in companies around Madrid. Laura specialised in intensive course and exam preparation for a very a high end TEFL agency.  

Laura joined TtMadrid in September 2012 as Assistant Director of Studies.  Once she learnt all she could from the Director of Studies, she staged a coup in November 2013 and took over the job.    

Helen Finnegan (British) - TEFL Program Manager

Helen, was an optician in her previous life in England and looking for a challenge and of course some sun, she decided to move to Madrid.  She completed the TEFL course with TtMadrid in January 2009 and began teaching business English in and around Madrid. In 2011, she was selected to be an in-house language consultant for Coca-Cola where she taught English and designed courses. She obviously liked the TtMadrid course as her mum came and did it in 2011! 

Helen joined the Tt family in January 2013.  She is here to answer your questions from your first email up until your arrival, her experience and knowledge of Madrid is extensive and she is always available to help and advise you. To get in her good books, please bring crumpets for her as they make her very happy! 

Karmen Liovic (Croatian) – School Manager

Karmen is a polyglot (she speaks 7 languages) and we try to not get too jelous about this fact!  Karmen did her TEFL in March 2012 and joined the team shortly afterwards as a finance adminstrator.  She took over the role as School Manager in March 2013. 

Karmen is the heart of our school and brings everyone together and keeps it running smoothly.  She is also a wealth of knowledge about visas, Spanish red tape and where to drink in Madrid. Karmen's hair has its own life force and is a source of inspiration for many.  

Valentina Ponasova (Russian) – Trainer and Observer

Valentina is a teacher through and through. She studied Theory and Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching at university for 4 years before embarking on a career as an English teacher in Russia.  She has extensive experience with both adults and children for both general and business English.  She completed her TEFL with TtMadrid in January 2013 and stalked us for a job and joined us in January 2014.

To unwind after a long day, you will find Valentina spinning around a pole at her pole dancing classes! 

Josefina Daly (Chillean/British) – Marketing and PR Coordinator 

As you  can see from all of the other staff profiles, we don't like to go outside the TtMadrid gene pool when choosing staff! However, Josefina impressed us so much at her interview that we hired her on the spot and she started the TEFL the next day! 
Josefina has lots of experience in PR and academic publishing.  Josefina is the one with your drink tickets on graduation night - so be nice! 

Bethany Lucas

Home country: United States

Previous Job: Speech-Language Pathologist.

Age: 30 years old.

My husband Sean and I did the September TtMadrid program and are thrilled with the results.  The course was initially a way for us to move to Spain legally and immerse ourselves in the Spanish culture.  Sean was a math teacher and I was a Speech Pathologist in the US; teaching English seemed like a happy medium. I was a bit apprehensive- I had never taught before- but the TtMadrid method thoroughly prepared me.  The program is quite comprehensive and lectures cover many practical and theoretical aspects of teaching.  The teachers present a sort of recipe for how to conduct a class from start to finish.

The TtMadrid staff is unbelievably helpful and they foster a family-like atmosphere. I was impressed from the start of my journey while in the US, communicating primarily with Lisette, who helped us with every step of the daunting visa process.  She could not have been more patient! During the course, we spent countless hours with the talented teachers John and Tem, who are genuine, kind, and experts in their craft. During my teaching practice, I appreciated the one-on-one attention they provided after each class. The feedback was invaluable and it helped shape my emerging skills.  Of course, present throughout the process was Natasha, herself a gifted teacher and always lending a nurturing, helping hand.   We’ve sought her guidance on everything from teaching and setting up a schedule to bank accounts and cell phones.  You are never a number with Natasha and she stays connected well after graduation.   As a married couple, she made us feel incredibly comfortable with this huge transition. 

I strongly recommend the TtMadrid program to anyone interested in becoming TEFL certified, as well as to anyone wanting to live in Spain and work a very manageable schedule.  I started working the week immediately following the course. I have actually turned down multiple job opportunities due to less ideal travel time or requirements for working in Fridays... TtMadrid truly makes you marketable and you can have a work schedule that suits your needs. I currently work 20 hours a week and have a three day weekend every week!

Check out our fun and interactive Spanish classes at our sister school here in Madrid Spain 

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