ESL websites

Five Fabulous ESL Websites to Help Inspire your Next Class

As an ESL teacher we spend a LOT of time scouring the web for resources. As many of you know, finding good (AND FREE) materials online is like finding a polar bear in a snow storm, ridiculously time consuming and ...
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travel in spain

Where to Travel in Spain in the Summer Part 1

"Travel is the only thing that you spend money on that makes you richer". Any wanderluster would agree. If you so happen to be planning to travel in Spain this summer, you'll find that your options to explore the country ...
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how to motivate your students to write in English

How to Motivate Your Students to Write in English

It seems to be a common theme (especially teaching English in Spain) that students want to run before they can walk. Practically every student I have met always wanted to start speaking before learning how to read, write or listen ...
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Picnic students sneak in grammar

Step Out of the ESL Classroom and Sneak Grammar into Your Off-site Class

Spring is here and your ESL students are thinking more about enjoying the good weather than that fill in the gap you spent ages preparing. This time of year is when you need to be more creative and keep the ...
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TEFL certified

TtMadrid TEFL COURSE 2016

Get more info on TtMadrid TEFL course 2016 ...
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burgers in madrid

Where to Get a Good Burger in Madrid

It wasn't always easy to find a good burger in Madrid. My expat friends and I would often complain about missing this typical American delicacy but recently it seems like there's a new place opening every month. As if you ...
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